3 Benefits Expats Enjoy Upon Becoming Singapore PRs

The status of Singapore PR is heavily in demand among the expat community here. Each year, they apply Singapore PR in the masses, with thousands of applications being submitted. In this article, we look at 3 benefits that Singapore PRs enjoy over their non-resident counterparts.

No Visa Restrictions

Any expat can empathize with the hassle filled nature of juggling their work passes and flight plans. As an example, if you remain in the middle of restoring your work permit however have to leave Singapore for any reason, you run the risk of flying back without the right to work.

Alternatively, each time you approach the expiry of your work pass, you will need the help of your employer to assist renew it. In the event that you have recently left your company and have yet to obtain new work, then you would be relying on your previous company. Should you be incapable to obtain their assistance on the matter, you might be forced to depart from Singapore for the time being.

In contrast, a permanent resident is entitled to an unrestricted residence in Singapore. You can anticipate to be able to return to the country and leave without ever encountering job license issues.

Business Opportunities

Singapore has been among the world’s leading centres for technological development and a go to marketplace for business owners. The country has strong innovative policies, significant government subsidies, excellent geographical location and is known for its ease of beginning a company. You can do so in the matter of a 24 hours and have access to the entire South East Asian area when you incorporate your organisation in Singapore.

If you have identified a market opportunity in Singapore for a new organisation, then it is time for you to apply Singapore pr. As a PR, you will be permitted to start your own business in Singapore with no requirement for an additional citizen to be a principle owner of your company.

A Lot More Work Opportunities

Companies in Singapore are needed to run under an employment quota for foreigners. This means, that they are permitted to only hire a particular number of work pass holders. Essentially, this limits your options for work as a firm that is interested in having you onboard might not have the ability to offer you the work should they have saturated their allocation.

As a Singapore PR, you will no longer count under a firm’s foreign employee allocation. Therefore, you will get many more openings coming your way without the enforced restriction on your employability.

It is additionally worth recapping that as a Singapore PR, you can change jobs at any moment without needing to go through the process of applying for a new job visa. You likewise will not have to take into account the risk of being obliged to leave the nation before your new company succeeds in getting a job visa for you.